Sarris cruises , Corfu , Albania Lines


A company with vision and development,
with friendliness and respect for the passenger

Sarris Cruises offers high quality services , to cover the needs of coastal services connecting Corfu and Albania , giving it its own position of professionalism and hospitality to all its passengers all year round!


Ferry line, Corfu, Agioi Saranda, Albania

Ship : RENA S. ΙΙ
Length of ship : 50 meters
Ship width : 9 meters
Speed 14 miles

Capacity :
Passengers : 525
Vehicles : 18

Trip duration : 1 hour

Ticket price per route
Adults : 20 euro
Infants and children 0 to 4 years : Free
Children from 5 to 12 years old : 10 euro
Vehicle : 40 euro

The ship has, comfortable lounge, snack bar, toilets, deck, ** Pets are allowed


RENA S. II is the only ship on the Corfu line, Ag. Saranda that transports vehicles